La Marzocco Linea Classic AV 2 Group Black

La Marzocco Linea Classic AV 2 Group Black

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2 new boilers have been fitted as this one had the old bolt head brew boiler, and the steam boiler was not in great condition.

This has been fully stripped down and rebuilt from top to bottom. The panels have all been powercoated matte black for a timeless look and durable finish.

Both boilers have been replaced. Brand new electronics - PID controller, solenoids, keypads and control board has also been fitted.

Linea AV- volumetric controls

High cup

New Fuji PID

Welded coffee boiler - not the bolted head version which is prone to failure.

2 group commercial espresso machine Top quality and reliability Volumetric/automatic

True double boiler

Insulated boilers

Saturated group heads

7 litre steam boiler

3.4 litre brew boiler

Truly exceptional build quality

3600w single phase (requires a 20A outlet)

All stainless steel

Dimensions 69 × 56 × 45.5 cm

Can add shot timers at an additional cost if required.

Country wide shipping available - just need location to quote on freight costs.

Also available - Linea classic 3 group, same specs.


*Comes with full 3mth 'Back to base' warranty.

Note image is not correct as machine. Photos to be updated.