La Marzocco Linea Classic AV 3 Group Black

La Marzocco Linea Classic AV 3 Group Black

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This has been fully stripped down and rebuilt from top to bottom. The frame and panels have all been powercoated matte black for a timeless look and durable finish.

Both boilers have been removed, stripped down and acid washed out to clear out all scale and refitted. Brand new electronics - PID controller, solenoids, keypads and control board has also been fitted.

Linea AV- volumetric controls

High cup

New Fuji PID

Welded coffee boiler - not the bolted head version which is prone to failure.

3 group commercial espresso machine Top quality and reliability

True double boiler Insulated boilers

Saturated group heads

11 litre steam boiler

5 litre brew boiler

Truly exceptional build quality

6100w single phase (requires a 32A outlet)

All stainless steel

Dimensions 93 × 56 × 45.5 cm

Can add 3 x dot shot timers for an extra $500 if required.

Country wide shipping available - just need location to quote on freight costs.

Also available - Linea classic 2 group, same specs.


*Comes with full 3mth 'Back to base' warranty.