VBM Domobar Super Vibration Pump

VBM Domobar Super Vibration Pump

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Fully refurbished with custom black powder coat.

*Comes with full 3mth 'Back to base' warranty.

This particular model has consistently outperformed many of its competitors, in terms of reliability and performance, and surprisingly, there is not simply one, but in fact, several reasons for this!

While other manufacturers only belatedly started to utilize a similar restrictor in the thermosyphon tubes to better regulate overheating of their E61 groupheads (2 tubes running from grouphead to boiler), Vibiemme did this from the very beginning, to enhance their espresso extraction performance!

Vibiemme still uses 10mm inside diameter/ 12mm outside diameter thermosyphon tubes, whereas most other manufacturers are using smaller tubes (which tend to create greater overheating of the grouphead). Keep in mind: more metal used, translates to greater cost for the manufacturer (whereas less metal equates to less manufacturer-cost) … obviously there is no skimping at Vibiemme, and for them, no price is too steep when it leads to tangible results in quality espresso production!

Another contributor to the reliability of a Vibiemme espresso machine, is the position of its electronics, which are located down in the bottom, rear of the machine – well away from the heat of the boiler! Couple the large boiler with high output steam wands, and this machine froths milk in a jiffy. In fact, Vibiemme has refused to use so-called “no-burn” steam wands for two reasons: they slow down performance to froth milk AND they have silicone inside the pipe, which can sometimes tend to create foul odors.

Vibiemme is renown for having the most robust grouphead in the industry. Hands down! Customers who see these E61 espresso machines in person tend to gravitate towards the Vibiemme grouphead, due to its robustness of structure. Structural integrity doesn’t stop with the grouphead, either … the Vibiemme DOMOBAR SUPER HX rocks an all stainless steel body and chassis (with no black-enamel-painted frame, which could chip and/ or rust)!

The high-quality construction and unparalleled reliability/ performance of this Vibiemme DOMOBAR SUPER HX espresso machine stipulates that the only next step up from it, is to invest in a full-on commercial espresso machine. If you can fit this machine in your home and office, you will not regret purchasing this it!