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Barista Training

Making quality espresso consistently at home can come with its challenges, but it doesn't need to!  Whether you are new to the world of making coffee, or you're a bit of a gun in your own right but would just like to brush up on your skills, fair not, we have you covered!  With our training sessions we will demystify the process and equip you with all the necessary skills required to making premium espresso coffee, with your own gear, each and every time!

What is covered:

  • how to "dial in" your espresso
  • how to seam and texture milk
  • an introduction to pouring and latte art
  • how to clean and maintain your equipment


Our Trainer:

Stan has been in hospitality for over 20 years covering a wide spread of what this industry has to offer.  From his early days as a waiter and barista, he quickly moved to head barista, and then into cafe management.  This naturally lead to Stan opening up his first cafe in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, making 100s of premium coffees daily for Melbourne's demanding coffee drinkers.  After four year of this, and still hungry to learn, he went onto set up Rumble Coffee Roasters, a wholesale coffee roastery supplying specialty coffee to a variety of cafes around Melbourne and beyond.  It is here that he refined his barista training methods, providing training for all Rumble's wholesale customers.  Stan teaches from espresso, all the way through to alternative filter brews, and with his relaxed yet informative approach will set you up with everything you need to be a confident home barista.

If you would like to book a training session with Stan, please email or and we will be in touch.