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Biepi MC1 Barista Pro

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MC-1 Barista PRO is an espresso machine with independent groups designed to achieve the perfect temperature for each group and for any type of coffee, always guaranteeing high performance and energy savings. With an integrated LED touch display all the control and feedback is in the baristas hands. 

Each group head is independently controlled with its own element for great and accurate thermal stability. This is also much more efficient than multi boiler operation which uses additional energy to perform the same function. 

Steam boiler is monitored and controlled electronically and adjustable for the user via the display. 

7 day programmable economy modes - shut down when not in use and save on unnecessary power consumption. 

Fast acting steam knob - simply twist 1/4 turn to engage steam in a swift seamless action. Designed to reduce repetitive strain injuries. 

Cool touch steam wands.

Nano coated - the steam wands, portafilters and group heads are nano coated to reduce adhesion and increase hygiene. 

  • Independent brew groups.
  • Digital steam control 
  • Touch screen used to set brew groups and boiler temperatures.
  • Cold-touch steam wands
  • Portafilter body, coffee spouts and steam wands with special Nanotech treatment
  • Constructed in polished stainless steel, with elegant side in Baydur®
  • Pre-infusion for each programmed dose
  • Energy-saving ECO setting.
  • Portafilters and steam knobs in olive wood (optional).
  • LED Barista lights
  • High drop only available. 
  • Available in black or white.
  • 2 group 75,5 x 58,6 x 53 cm
  • 65KG
  • 3965 W
  • 12L steam boiler
  • 3 group 96,5 x 58,5 x 53 cm
  • 78KG
  • 6265 W
  • 17L steam boiler