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Biepi Sara - PID and shot timer - full stainless

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Designed and constructed in Italy, Biepi has created a brilliant machine with a minimalist footprint and clever construction. 

Thinking outside the box, they have fitted dual Ulka vibrating pumps to ensure that the you always get the best from your coffee everytime. The dedicated pumps, 1 for level control of the steam boiler and 1 for the coffee extraction means no chance of a "dud shot" from the boiler fill engaging half way through an extraction. 

Sliding cup tray, no more removing all the cups to refill the water tank. Simply slide it forwards and refill the tank and push it back. 

Fitted with the timeless classic E61 group head and all stainless construction, this is a machine that is built to last. 

PID variant with built in shot timer. What is PID? PID gives you the ability to digitally set the temperature point of the steam boiler for greater accuracy and control. 

Available in stainless, black or white. Also available in a PID variant with a shot timer integrated. Additional group head gauge available to indicate coffee pressure. 



E61 group head.

1.8 L insulated thermosyphon vertical copper heat exchange boiler.

2.3 L water tank.

1250w power consumption ( can upgrade element to 1600w if required).

Dual vibration pumps.

Steam Pressure gauge ( optional coffee gauge available). 

Low water tank indicator light.

Mater pressure switch.

Sliding cup tray. 

Steam and hot water wands. 

All stainless body construction.

Weight 22KG

Dimensions 25 wide x 44 high x 40 deep