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Eureka Zenith High speed

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Eureka Zenith 65 is a superb commercial coffee grinder that delivers beautiful consistent ground coffee, super accurate adjustment, quiet operation, and fast grind performance.

Suitable for up to 20kg of coffee per week the Zenith is ideal for small-medium sized cafes. Larger cafes should look at the larger Olympus... or perhaps run 2 or more Zeniths in parallel.

Specially designed high-speed 65mm burrs deliver incredibly uniform grind size helping to deliver clarity of taste to your espresso.

Output is 2.7-3.7 g/s which equates to a generous 18-20g 2-cup shot being ground in 5-6 seconds.

Stepless micro-metric adjustment allows possibly the most accurate grind setting available.

Fixed upper burr - Unique to Eureka - grind adjustment moves the lower burr and motor. This is the same system employed on the legendary Nuova Simonelli Mythos Grinder.

Easy cleaning without losing the grind setting - top burr is easily removed and replaced using a screwdriver. As the lower burr position sets the grind, grind setting is retained.

Hands free operation - adjustable grinder fork enables the filter-holder to be held in place.

Goodbye clumps - Eureka Zenith features a special anti-clumping fork which aerates the coffee helping to break up clumps.

Adjustable coffee chute angle to minimise waste - adjust the chute angle to deliver coffee to the centre of your coffee basket, minimising spillage.

Hand build in Italy utilising over 90 years of expertise in producing coffee grinders.



- Grinding burrs: 65mm hardened steel

- Coffee hopper: 1.4kg

- Productivity: 2.7-3.7 g/s

- Grind adjustment: stepless

- Filter-holder LED light

- Dosing: Programmable 1/2 shot

- Weight: 11.8 kg

- Dimensions: 232 mm [w] x 264 mm [d] x 593 mm [h]

- Power: 510w - 230V

- 12 months warranty

- Made in Italy