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Steam tap

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Live beta testing now in progress, Due for release Q3 2022


Built by techs for techs, with the user in mind. 


Why the concept?

The current design of these taps is time consuming to service and requires double to components of ours to service and double the down time. Service requires complete removal of the tap to replace the seals. 

For the user, the current variants operate with a range from 3 turns to a single turn to engage the steam. This isn't great news for repetitive strain injuries. 


What makes ours better?

Simplicity is key in all the best ideas. Our tap simplifies the engagement action to a 1/8 turn to active steam and gives a purge function in the opposite direction. 

In terms of ability to service, the entire front assembly is removable from the front with out the complete removal of the tap from the machine. With only 4 components that require replacement on regular service. 

Less parts = less environmental impact and lower cost to service. Its all win win. 

Durable mechanism for the tap engagement action that's also self lubricating. DEsigned to last for years*. 


Compatable with 

La Marzocco Linea classic and Linea Mini

San Remo Zoe, Torino and Capri

Support to some but not all models of -







ECM - not all models

La Scala



* indicative target - subject to testing